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Week of March 3, 2013

So I figured I need a way to keep me posting, and since I make dinner every night, the best way to do that is to post my weekly menu plan…after I’ve already cooked it. The fact is, sometimes I fail in the kitchen and would hate for you to cook my disasters. What I am good at is finding a way to make my meals use similar ingredients for the week…when I plan. Now the categories may not always offer a variety, but you know what: I’m cheap.
Ps–I forgot to plan this past week 😉

We always try to grill on Sundays (cuts down on our gas bill).
I had planned on burgers, but I apparently didn’t have hamburger buns in the freezer. Patty melts it was, since I had some sourdough bread.
I “fancied” it up by trying to make a ranch butter to toast on the bread…I couldn’t taste it.


Some slices of Havarti and tomato topped it off.
Served with corn on the cob and peas (which I added some ranch butter too–I mean if I went through the trouble of making it, might as well use it.)

I am attempting to get my husband to agree to meatless Mondays. He’s not so thrilled with the idea, but the boon to our bank account convinced him to give it a go.

Thanks to the glory that is Pinterest, this is what I attempted to make:

Caprese Lasagna Roll Ups – Cooking Classy.

I really only needed Riccotta Cheese. So I sent Nate to the store. Everything else I had…except shredded mozzarella, and against Cooking Classy’s advice, I still used it.

It was okay. Not something to die for.


um…Mac n’Cheese and frozen peas….it’a long story see: Tuesday, bloody Tuesday.



I have a 7pm meeting Monday nights with deadlines. I don’t cook, unless I was super organized that week and do something in the slow cooker.

I was less than organized this week.


Jambalaya with mixed veggies!

Now don’t go getting all impressed. It’s from a box…and it’s not Zatarans. Surprisingly, Aldi carries a very good (and very cheap) imitation brand. I use turkey kielbasa as the meat. It’s precooked, enough said.

This is, and always will be semi homemade pizza. It’s cheap, we love it, and gives me a mental break.
I use Kroger brand pizza crust. It’s round and I don’t have to roll anything out. It comes in packages of 2 with a nice little bag to store the extra one in until the next week.
I make the sauce and freeze in baggies so I just have to thaw one the day of.
I do not use shredded mozzarella, I like the real stuff, and we aren’t big on a cheese covered pizza. (Plus it makes me feel like a chef to cook it.)


I picked up Taco Bell : /
Hey I was shopping, what can I say?!

I’ve promised myself I will do better this week…it will help that my husband works nights for this week, so I will have time and motivation. Usually when dinner is just me and a 3 year old I lack the drive to actually cook.


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